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I wasn't going to make a thread, but the pit is running pretty slow tonight so I thought I would.

So which do you prefer?
- CD
- Vinyl
- MP3
- Cassette
What could ever replace the durability of magnetic tape?

Duct tape maybe.
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Its lame.
Vinyl through a nice system is the ultimate.

Or a lossless wav with good headphones.

Vinyl's are too hard to find, and MP3's just aren't as good of quality.
Mp3, I can't be bothered with anything else

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How do you physically download an album? Like run your computer off a dynamo on an exercise bike?
Mp3 is easy.
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I mostly use mp3s, but I have cds of pretty much all the music on my computer.

I like to have a physical copy of it
CDs. I'm too young for vinyls, tapes are ****, and MP3s are like stealing from the artist. Except if you download them from iTunes, but that's stupid. I prefer to hold the music I buy in my hands.
CD. Physical copy, higher quality.
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I mostly use mp3s, but I have cds of pretty much all the music on my computer.

I like to have a physical copy of it


i like vinyl too but, they're a tad bit expensive. though, they are becoming a lot easier to get a hold of nowadays since people started releasing them in that form again.
sound wise, a decent quality MP3 is perfectly pallatable, but I like the experience of a vinyl record, with the big album artwork and whatnot.
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Vinyl, but I don't have any in my possession. So it's CDs for me. I like having a physical copy. Of course I do use MP3s.

I think of CDs and MP3s as an ananolgy to money.

CDs : Gold
MP3s : Cash Money

The MP3s are portable and convienent, but it is better if it is backed up by CDs.
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They did a study where 2 people were blind folded and they had to judge what sounded better. They chose the MP3 as having the best sound quality, which dosen't really make a lot of sense since it is a compressed file
The sound quality and nostalgic value of vinyls are highest but since my record player is broken I chose CD's.
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Vinyl is the best sound you will ever get. When dealing with audio, analogic is WAY better. Digital(Mp3, CD, cassettes) doesn't let through some harmonics.

But yeah, vinyl's aren't too common these days.

Edit: Oh and it's something you "feel" rather then hear.
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Which do I prefer? Vinyl.

Which am I most used to? CD. I don't actually have any vinyl player (although I occasionally borrow one from my uncle), and I'm pretty much addicted to my iPod. So yeah, I guess... CD for convenience, vinyl for the authentic feeling and the slightly better sound quality.

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Vinyl for the best quality, FLAC for digital music, and MP3 for convenience.
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I prefer the quality of CDs and Vinyl, but tapes hold SO much more information, it really is just uber-convenient. I will however give the win to CDs for the sake of selecting tracks rather than just skipping around hoping
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CD or lossless when I go portable. I've got a bunch of old vinyl records and a hifi system but I don't play them all that much.
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Vinyl's are too hard to find, and MP3's just aren't as good of quality.


MP3s sound REALLY condensed and thin.
That is why I think we should be able to upload wav files to UG.
Personally, i prefer CD's when i'm just at home. But as far as portability goes. I love my ipod for that purpose.

I'm not a conceited **** *** **** ** who carries a ghetto blaster around, it's just something i could never do. So that's that!


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vinyls add a special warmth to the music.

But I prefer mp3s cuz I don't have to convice myself that I like 11 crap songs on an album with one hit.
I mostly use MP3, but that's because I use my iPod almost 24/7. (Yes, even while I sleep.) However, I prefer CD or Vinyl. You get the packaging, the booklet, the rarities, the satisfaction of actually owning a physical copy of an artists work.
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