Well i just told my bandmates today that i'm done doin covers.. I joined this band back in January of this year..

At the time I was told that we were gonna be an original band with some covers thrown in..

Since then the original guitarist has quit and we have about 32 cover songs on our list.
I joined as the singer and we have had some gigs locally and it was ok but not very fullfilling to me.. I play some rhythm guitar as well. The drummer says that we will do originals after we get a good following but he said it's hard to get gigs as an original band in our area.. I really don't believe that. I have friends from a town that are in an original band and they play out quite a bit .

So I've quit the band and told them that I don't want to just do covers cuz it's just not creative . There are so many cover bands in our area already and I know I rather see a good original band then a cover band any day...

So now i'm hoping to find another band..
So what do you guys think.. Anyone in a similiar situation? Love to get some input on this. Thanks
Tell them either you play some of your own material for a change or that you're quiting the band.

Simple as. Then form another, superior band and compete against your former bandmates in a battle of the bands, School of Rock style!
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Well you followed your heart in this one. I've never been in this situation before cause my previous band didn't take playing seriously, so I can't really give you input.
But I Hope you can find a band to do originals with.
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you didnt mention if you have actually written any of your own music and showed it to them?
well they heard some stuff but really weren't interested. They just said its alot harder to get an original band off and running .
Write some stuff. Show it to them. If they like it, good. If not, talk about why not. If they still are close-minded about original material, quit band.
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Do you have any original songs? I'd rather be in a band playing covers than not playing at all. The song selection takes care of itself. When you're writing stuff that's better than the covers play those.