Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated

I'm starting with my new band and we are setting up in my unfinished basement. The floor is concrete and the walls are filled with insulation with just open wood cavities on the ceiling.
With that said, we're trying to create a pod for us to practice in, so as to keep the sound down a little bit due to the drums.

The ideas of throwing up blankets to create a cube/circle for us to jam in, or even egg cartons has crossed our mind but I'm not sure the best way to go about this.

We can even lay down a carpet or something to try and kill the concrete on the floors??
Any ideas??

The other question pertains to amplifying vocals.
Currently we have no ways to amplify vocals (PA system and Mixer).
The budget for the PA/mixer is probably about $300
If anyone knows any good budget stuff that works that'd be great.

something like that was what I was thinking

Thanks for any help guys, we all appreciate it!

-Dan t4e
Lay a few layers of carpet down, maybe buy a couple of bass traps. Any spare matresses? Stick em to the walls!
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