Good evening UG!
A cry of help coming from Belgium here, I'd been hesitating a long time to come to a forum regarding my guitargearproblems, but now that my band has changed its line-up into a powertrio, I thought it was time...

So let me sketch the situation and the "problem" I'm having here... I'm in a band called Remote Control, we play some sort of rock.. it's hard to define, but we're a basic powertrio: Drummer, Bassist and the Guitarist/Singer(me). Ofcourse we knew when we started the powertrio that it would be more difficult to fill up our sound and don't sound empty, and luckily when we started out we found out that it definately does not sound empty, the 3 of us are rather talented and we keep it together well and don't make it sound dull or empty at any time.

But lately i've found my guitarsound to not be as I wanted it to be, I'm rather perfectionistic (this is normally one of my bad feats but in music it's a good thing). I'm trying to get a deep sound from my guitar, we play a lot of Hendrix, and I find his sound beyond intriguing.. He can fill it up during the parts where he has to act as a Rhythmguitarist and yet have some cut-through-all solo's. Now i'm trying to find a similar sound, I want to be able to get a good filled up sound and an undescribable leadsound.. So the gear I got right now is :
*Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Custom Texas Red with a Vintage Celestion Gold 30. (knobs: Treble 6, Bass 12, Mid 10, Presence 3, Reverb 4)
*Fender Stratocaster '70s classic player MIM Olympic White, plays smooth like velvet
*Dunlop Crybaby Classic wah with Phasel inductor (holy #OOPS# is this a sweet wah)
*BSM Treble Booster (replica of the '60s trebleboosters with germanium transistors)
*Big Muff PI (no need to explain)
*Boss TU-2 Pedal
My chain right now is : Guitar->Tuner->Wah->Muff->TrebleBooster->Amp

I hope we can start to doctor out some things.. I'm sorry if the BSM Treble Booster is not commonly used in the world, but it IS a key factor in my sound and I can advise it to all you people out there

Cheers, and thanks on forehand!
Get an OD with alot of mids. Maybe a Tubescreamer. A delay is helpful as well; the Malekko Ekko 616 is the hot new analog delay on the market.
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I suggest something like a tube screamer too add some more mids.
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Delay can really help open up your sound and fill in some blank spaces. I have the same problem because I am the only guitarist in my band.

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yup +1 to delay. i prefer using my od pedal(got a 2 channel addrock) for my tones too, but i also have other distortion pedals on my board. i too play quite a bit of power trio, but we have guests sit in as well. i also had the problem of filling the mix in and have come up with a number of solutions.

the first thing i did was get a tc electronic scf, the chorus helps thinken things up without being overly dramatic.

as it mentioned above delay works well and that is the 2nd thing i did.

i also started adding more 'distortion' style pedals to my board so as to have a wide array of guitar tones. i use a zvex machine into a cloned zvex 2 channel boost pedal into an addrock not so ol yeller od into a redwitch god of fuzz II. i am in the market for a good distortion pedal, thinking of moding my ds-1. this allows me to be all over the place for tones.

the biggest step for a more full tone was to go stereo. i have a range of amplifiers and i mix 2 or 3 amps together and run my effects in stereo(usually my stereo delay is the main tool, but sometimes i run the scf into the delay for stereo chorus). when i really feel ambitious i'll put an a/b box after my distortion stack and run 'a' out to a middle amp and 'b' out to the rest of my effects that are run in stereo. this allows for a whole bunch of tricks and depths that i can spend forever talking about. just use your imagination.

my favorite thing to fill in the space now is a mutron biphase i have been raving about. it allows for 2 phasors to be independent or dependent and give HUGE tones out of 1 guitar. listen to my 'mutron bi-phase demo' on my profile, it was a jam i used a 2 amp setup on with the bi-phase with stereo delay. fills in a huge amount of space.
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Sounds like a job for some delay/reverb to me.
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