I just recently got a new laptop for college and I want to avoid putting guitar pro 5 on it to save memory. So I put it on an external drive and figured I would just boot it up through that when I want to use it. When I do this the program comes up with everything functioning, but no numbers or notation appear. I'm talking about the numbers and black dots themselves. The stems and rests come up. The song even plays, but I can't see the notes or tab because they're invisible. Does anyone know the problem/offer a solution?
It needs to be installed, or you can download the font.
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buy it legally

My roommate has an illegal copy (I watched him download and use a keygen) and it works fine, TS must have f*cked something up
Yeah i have a torrents one as does all my friends and it works fine.. If its a new laptop just install GP on there? It barely takes up any space at all. I had a laptop with less then 60gb and mine worked fine for school/GP other music programs.
I could be wrong, but the problem might be you somehow turned the tab part off and just left the notation on. Click the name of the track and see if "Tablature" is checked or not.