its an old ps2, not the swanky slimline ones they always bring out but its in good condition, all leads and all that. I have 2 controllers(1 may not work).

16 ps2 games;
Conflict; Desert Storm
GTA 3,
Kingdom Hearts
Star Wars Lego
LMA Manager 2003
Max Payne
Medal Of Honor Frontline
Silent Hill 2
The Thing
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

I have 3 games in promo cases(they are the full games, just in promotional slimline cases);
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Fifa 2000
Pro Evolution Soccer Management

I also have 4 ps1 games(the save functions only work on Ps1's though);
Resident Evil,
Dino Crisis,
Tomb Raider,
Medal Of Honor

Everything is in GREAT condition. PS1 games are abit worn but have recently had the disks cleaned.

Interested? Craig.Broad@hotmail.co.uk