When trying to get a good sound when practicing at home or anywhere (not for gigs, etc), should one worry about getting a good amp or guitar first? (low budget reasons)
Good amp first, will sound much better with a high end amp and a cheap squire then a gibson SG and a fender frontman.
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Nothing wrong with frontman!!!!!
they do sound good

high end amp is 1k+ amp
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frontman is not exactly what i would call high end either, and i didn't see him say anything bad about the frontman, he just used it as an example of an amp that wasn't high end.

i wouldn't use the:

high end amp is 1k+ amp

as a rule either, true high end amps are usually more expensive, but there are plenty of used high end amps for under 1k, and there are plenty of not so good amps for over 1k.

depending on what your needs are you can get some real good amps for well under a grand. i have 3 music mans i picked up for ~500 usd mark.

edit: DaveMc obviously took some time to do an excellent ice breaker in 'good amp choosing practices' here


i would start here and if you are still hungry for knowledge then i know somemore places
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