Just curious as to how itd sound so i was gonna try putting ernie ball skinny top/ heavy bottoms on my takamine gs330s. I think it came with D'addario EXP16 lights, which are
E - .012, B - .016, G - .024, D - .032, A - .042, E - .053. Now ive since changed em, but it w as a WHILE ago, and i know i went with same gauge.

But the EBs are

.010, .013, .017, .030, .042, .052 . Just wondering if you think its worth trying, im lookin for a lil brighter sound, thought maybe elec strings would give that to me. And wondering if this would require any truss rod adjustment to look out for. Doesn't seem to be thats a big enough drop, just makin sure.
it wont sound good at all try a lighter acoustic set because electric strings sound dull on an acoustic
Electric strings are primarily designed for their EM qualities, rather than their acoustic qualities. I would suggest simply trying a different mix of bronze strings on your acoustic, and from the gauge you've quoted there, a set of 11s or 12s.

Do you know what mix you're using at the moment, i.e Phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze?
bishek, i THINK phosphor bronze. Been a while since i changed em, i dont use my acoustic a ton. Goes in spurts really. I was hoping it may also add to the playability of this thing. I've played other acoustics in stores which just seem soo much easier to play. And yes some of them are higher priced/qual guitars. This guitar i dont think will every be BRIGHT, i just think it has an inherently more bassy and percussive tone to it. Um, is there any acoustic strings that in themselves will add brightness? Isnt there some silky something or others out there. Or something with an unwound 3rd, would that be of any help?