Hi guys, I've owned my pacifica 820v since January this year. I've only touched the guitar maybe once a week or even 3 times if lucky. I'm only 15 and I do other stuff as well for music but I never like doing theory, instead I just love playing because it's MUSIC!!! Anyways I'll just start off with my story and you guys can skip it or read it and see if there are any relations. Thanks

"I've started playing musical instruments since like Kindagarden and I've never really cared about Theory and until Grade 7, I knew that I had to know it or else I wont be able to play. I still have trouble reading the music but once I hear it the first time, I "Guess" the music as I'm told from my teacher. Even though I "Guess" I still play it properly.

I play alto-sax at school but since theory is mostly the same for different instruments. Now on to my guitar problem. I've been only trying to and been playing music that I like here is the list
Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N Roses (I just learned the intro today)
What I've done - Linkin Park
New Divice (Most of it besides the solo)
Iron Man (2nd song to learn)
... (I forgot the name but it's played Low E: 0 3 5 0 3 6 5 I think. First song, riff)
Armagedon Theme from the movie
Waiting from the movie The Kingdom
Run Around from Digimon show (Good memories )
Terminator from the movie
Beautiful Day - U2, (Edge's guitar part, up to the solo part)
Hot N Cold (Chord song kate perry)
Jumper from the movie Yes Man (Chord)
Random 4 Chord from Youtube (Play G, D, Minor E, and C repeat or in different orders)
Love Story Taylor Swift (Little bit of the song)"

Now on to the real deal! I just want to know how I'm doing and what I should be working on. I dont have time for a private lesson but I'm okay with online sites such as this. I've tried Justin Guitar but I think most of his beginner stuff got erased last time I checked.

I've read that you need to play scales (Which I aways do at school with saxophone) to improve but I dont know how to play the scales on the guitar. Like I can't even read the music without the TABS. Anything that would start from the beginning would be great if you guys think I need to start all over for my guitar.

Thanks guys!!!!
I'd start by learning the notes on the guitar so scales will make since. It'll be easier to make conections with your other music experiences. I know you said you can't take lessons but I still sugest that.
Search Google for some basic beginner leasons and use resources off from UG. Theory-wise, you won't need to cover songs but if you do want to progress and understand music and maybe make your own music will very crucial. For the time being just try to find some basic lessons ie. Chords, Barre Chords, Scales, and basic techniques will do you right.
Well first of all, you don't need theory to play guitar. It really helps if you're learning by ear, or if you are writing your own songs, but it's not a necessity.

With that said, if you want to learn theory, you should start with scales. First, you should learn intervals (part 1)(part 2)and the notes on the guitar. Then, the major scale, then minor, then the pentatonics. Check out the Scale Construction Lessons on UG. Once you learn those, you can form any scale and any chord if you know the intervals.

After that, I would say look at open chords. Then I'd learn the circle of fifths.

After all that, I guess barre chords.
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