try bringing it with you to a store and see if any of the universal cases will fit it. that is a pretty wild design.
You'll probably need to get it a bass size case.

You could always build your own if you want a custom fit!
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I just picked up a 1980's Carvin V220 and I need a hardcase for it. A new case from Carvin is $200 with shipping. Anyone know of any sturdy cases for say under $150 that will do the trick?

Here's what the guitar looks like for reference:


pm comradecurry. he owns jc custom cases. i'm actually getting a case made from him now


http://jccustomcases.weebly.com/prices.html i believe theres 10% off for UGers
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not sure on the price, but maybe a Xiphos case might fit, because its similarly shaped
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An Explorer type case might work if you can find one for a lefty.
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