Poll: Where's your favorite place to listen to your music?
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View poll results: Where's your favorite place to listen to your music?
In front of computer
10 14%
In bed/chair inside room
20 27%
Inside car
16 22%
20 27%
No preference
8 11%
Voters: 74.
I love listening to music outside especially on a cool night with my headphones on.

1. In front of computer
2. On stereo in room
3. Inside car
4. Outside
5. No preference
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Where is this poll you speak of

EDIT: NVM, uhhhh in room
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Fail poll..

But in anycase, I love listening to prog rock and Bob Dylan while walking around outside, especially around people I don't know...

Music in general, my zen room with surround sound, lava lamps, blue LEDS, posters, and a record player.

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Long drives in pitch black, while sitting in the passenger seat. Preferably on a highway.
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Umm well I really only have one choice with my record player, soooo my couch. That's my favorite, but it's always full of room mates watching adult swim reruns on the DVR 24/7.
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main places i listen to music:
my computer at home
my laptop anywhere
my ipod.

so really, no preference.
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On stage while playing music.
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computer is where i have all my music
if i could have it in my room i would
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1. while im taking a s**t
2. while im taking a piss
3. while im taking a stroll
4. while im taking a ride
5. while im taking a s**t
I like to listen to music while I skate. Also I have a pond right outside my house with trees all around it so there's this one tree that has a perfect indent for sitting. That spot has a beautiful view over the pond. I like to listen to some post rock or anything nice and peaceful there. I love it.
Hmm... well, I end up listening to music a lot in my room and on the bus to school, but just going somewhere or being outside is nice.
Also, to above poster... the room with lava lamps, surround sound, leds, that sounds EPIC!
Anywhere, really.

Though, I do like to lay on my bed, window open to let some warm rays in, and pop in a CD and just chill.

Especially Siamese Dream (Smashing Pumpkins), Oracular Spectacular (MGMT), Black Holes and Revelations/Origin of Symmetry (Muse), any CCR album, Primary Colours (The Horrors) or Animals/Wish You Were Here/Meddle/Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd).

Perfect to just lay back and chill.
Outside. I just hate that i live by a highway, so it's not nearly as good when there's a lot of traffic.
Nothing beats driving around listening to music.
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I just had a grand experience today when I listened to Silent Shout album by The Knife at around twilight. A cool front just came through today so the weather is finally feeling like fall weather. I just love walking at twilight because there's hardly any traffic and the sky is so beautiful and quiet everywhere around. But, today the music literally felt like it was going with what I was doing.

It just seems listening to music outside or walking gives the music more meaning if you can understand what I mean. Like seeing trees swaying in the wind, clouds wisping by, birds flying by, wind whipping around ears, and just the whole ambiance.