so i have a generic strat body (not fender) and i'm trying to put a squier neck on it. it fits in the slot, but the bolt holes are not aligned. is there a way to drill holes in the body to align to the neck holes without compromising sustain?

the only thing i could think of was to use wood filler and drill new holes in the body. has anyone tried this or know this would work or not?


oh and btw i'm not using the original squier body b/c it's a made in korea plywood body
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use dowels to fill the old holes, not woodfiller. slide the dowels in and glue.

then drill new holes, though marking where they should be is a bit hard...
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marking where they should be is a bit hard...

any suggestions?
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Use a awl - or a long thin screw driver with sharp point if you haven't got an awl. I don't see why it's at all hard to do.
so i used dowels without glue to plug the old holes, and measured out the locations of where i should drill based on where the holes were on the old squier plywood body. it went ok, had problems with one of the dowels trying to leave while drilling, but took care of that fairly easily. the neck is now mounted, intonation is pretty much perfect at 12th fret, get a little more fret buzz than the original body though, the only downside. the guitar looks MONEY!!! check it out in profile
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