To be honest, the singer was terrible and I couldn't even get to the end to hear your improvised solo. You need a new singer. Other than him, it wasn't bad.
Thx for the Feedback man i Appreciate it. I just want to know what does people really think about it
It'd sound a bit better to do a pick scrape rather than a slide from the intro to verse transition.. like on the original. not a big deal though.
The singer sounds like he has a frog in his throat.. the first verse in specific sounds awful.
The raspyness just doesn't go.. The screaming is okay though.
On the chorus, the lead guitar part doesn't sound too great when there's the little improv like changes throughout it.. otherwise it's good.
The 'solo' near the end is okay. nothing too special, but the vocals over it didn't mix too well. maybe when you guys play it you should add another couple choruses in there and have them instrumental so you can have more of a solo. or something.

But yeahh, other than that it was good.
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The TechnicolorType feedback was exactly the feedback i was looking for thanks for sharing ur thoughts
Yeah, the singer sucks.
And the song is in dropped C tuning. I don't know what your using, but its wrong.
Were using Half step down u can pass the Tabs to half step down man its not that hard if you know your notes
Yeah, its true for most of the song you can. You need the dropped C for the real chords in the intro though, you've just improvised it out, which is acceptable.