Alright, most things that I've learned I can play with no problems and am consistent in my skill to play it, but a solo I learnt I seem to have a lot of problems with. Some days I play it full speed multiple times and never mess up, some days I can barely play it. I thought repetition would get consistency but that's not the case, I played it for around 2 days and still can't get it. Are there any techniques to help people with this or do I just need to improve so I can play it consistently?
practice is key always but a good way to help is to warm up first try a few scales ect.. just warm up before you start diving into riffs or solos usually helps quite a bit
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People don't say this enough, but really the truth is some days you naturally play better than others. You can of course take a lot of steps to grow more and more consistent but just remember it's totally human to have bad days for your playing. I find sleep, mood and room temperature play a big part in my playing. Make sure you warm up before going all liek Zakc Wlyde nd sh!t lolz
when your not in the mood to play, but still think you should be doing something guitar related:-

A:- wite out your scales on paper
B:-listen to music from a genre you wouldn`t normally listen to
C:-go and buy and read a guitar/music magazine.

B&C will give you loads of ideas to incorporate into your music A is just a necessity (you need to be able do this to a level where you can memorise the notes of every scale.)