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Yes, he did deserve the award.

No, he did not deserve the award.

The following sentence is true.

The previous sentence is false.
Dem nobel people are racist, they just gave it to him cuz he was black, methinks.

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He definitely doesn't deserve it for his presidency, because we're only 10 or so months in on that. But considering where he came from and what he did to become president, I do think he deserves it.
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
He did try to make communications with the middle east more...friendly, and he is pushing for more education and universalized health care so that everyone can at least try to get health care. I dont think he actually deserved something like the nobel peace prize, but it does seem like he's trying.
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I do not feel he has done anything note-worthy. Obvious democrat and Obama supporter Rachel Maddow made the case that some people who get the award get it for effort and good intentions. She then said that because Obama had run for presidency and having high hopes for change and ending wars and such he deserves it. They showed many examples of people in the same situation. I still feel that he has done nothing to deserve it, and apparently he doesn't either.
Nah, I don't think so
Giving someone the Nobel Peace Prize just for not being George W. Bush seems a little ridiculous as does giving it to someone in the hopes that they will be spurred on to earn it after having obtained it
I think the amount of research they put into finding the nobel prize winners, is more valid than a few opinions in the pit
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Poll or not, only one thread is necessary.
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I still say hasn't done anything yet.

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