Whenever I try to mute barred strings for example
I can hear the Artificial Harmonics.. But for alot of songs, you can hear a nice muting as if I muted it on the first fret..
I use my fretting hand to mute, not my picking/strumming hand..
Technique bad or guitar bad?
If I'm right....usually wrong...what you're hearing on that fret is a natural harmonic, which is normal. I suppose if nothing else, use more fingers from the fretting hand, it's helped me some, or combine what you're already doing with muting from the picking hand near the bridge. I have no idea if what I told you is the "right" thing but it does help. Of course if you're playing with a lot of gain there's really only so much you can do.
for that i would do the same but ur geting natural harmonics over the 7th or 5th or 12th frets so move ur hand a little or use both to mute
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natural harmonics on 5, 7 and 12, when muting with fretting hand either:
1) move slightly away from harmonic,
2) use more fingers or
3) press down slightly but not enough to sound not (depends on action height)

or any combination of the three.
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Use multiple fingers to mute.
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