I'm in a disco mood. What are some catchy disco songs? like the really popular ones!
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Disco ceased to be popular in 1979, dude
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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ok, i want the stuff like funky town, and all the stuuf in Don't mess with the zohan, whateer that is.
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No such thing.

Erm, there is such thing. You don't know shit.

The whole 'disco sucks' thing was pretty racist to begin with. Basically anti-black music in general. Didn't help that the underground disco and early house (house evolved from disco) clubs were populated mostly by gay black men.

The mainstream disco stuff is very hit or miss, with lots of crap like the Beegees. Actual disco is good. I doubt you've actually heard proper disco so stop recycling the same old tired inaccurate stereotype. Not that the stuff I have in mind wasn't popular, it just isn't what everyone thinks of when they hear the word 'disco'.

To the TS, here is a post I made in another thread a while back that is pertinent.

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70s rock and 70s disco are very different things. Hundreds and hundreds of bands that could be recommended here...

With disco are you referring to the cheesy-ass Saturday Night Fever stuff that causes most people to say the genre sucks, or are you referring to the real thing?

In case its the latter, here are some recs:

Bunny Sigler
Chaka Khan
Crown Heights Affair
Double Exposure
Earth, Wind & Fire
Eddie Kendricks
First Choice
Inner Life
Instant Funk
Loleatta Holloway
Love Unlimited
MFSB (Mother-Father-Sister-Brother)
Moment of Truth
Patti LaBelle
Sister Sledge
Taana Gardner
The Salsoul Orchestra

Anything with the name “Larry Levan” (one of the greatest and most famous DJs ever) or “Tom Moulton” (one of the greatest and most famous producers / remixers ever) on it.

Some of these artists just got started in the late 70s and weren't really a presence until the 80s, but thats like disco as a genre in general. Alot of other artists I didn't mention better fall under the Soul, Funk, or R&B genres, but you will see certain songs by them on disco compilations as disco formed at the conflux of these genres, notably out of the Motown and Philly soul scenes, and eventually bridged into House via the 80s club scenes in New York and Chicago.

Look at 70's soul and funk groups and you will see quite a bit of "disco" type material, though it may not be labeled as such.

If you just want 70s rock, I can't help you as much there as I don't tend to organize my music (in my head I mean) by year or decade. It just easier with "disco" groups since the genre came together at such a specific time.

Edit: Some youtube link examples...







http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3y2C8jqG8Q (Italo-Disco but hey)





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not sure if its 80's but does Ohio Players- Love rollercoaster count as disco in any way?
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I don't know if you mean like this, but Don't You Want Me by The Human League, or You keep Me Hanging On by Kim Wilde.

Hell yesh.

EDIT: God, how can you guys take this so seriously? Its only music.
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Listen to Celebrate good times.

That's disco, amirite?
Disco is 70's, not 80's

And if you're actually looking to listen to it, you should probably shoot yourself in the head.
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Pick up the pieces - Average white band.
Love me sexy - Jackie Moon.