alright so i'm the guitarist and lead singer in my band, which plays grunge and hard rock... we have three members, me a bassist and drummer...

my bassist doesnt want to music seriously as he thinks getting a job is much more important so he rarely shows up to pratice and also doesn't want to come on 'tour' with us this summer cuz he wants to make some money instead... so i need to know how i should approach this, me and my drummer have made it very clear we want him to come but he just doesn't want to... He isn't very good at bass either, but has good overall musical ideas and is a fun guy to be around so me and my drummer are looking around for a new bassist but are having trouble finding one...

questions are.

how should we tell our bassist that we are looking for someone else?
how should we go about finding a new bassist?

You're probably gonna have to kick him out, if he isn't commited no point in having him. Be open about getting a new bassist.
Go watch Some Kind of Monster. Use your producer as an interim bassist for your next album, and then steal a bassist from a much older band.

This is typical bassist trouble.
Actively look for a new bassist, but don't kick him out until you find someone (just in case).

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give him the boot, gently, and teach someone to play the bass, thats what we did
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Just a couple of Ideas,

But For real I'd just talk to him, tell him ya'll are serious, and ask him to help ya'll find a new bassist, don't kick him out, ask him to help you out, embrace the fact that his priorities are different from yours and vice versa. When things settle down with the new Bassist and ya'll decide to go into the studio, ask him to be your producer, that way you can keep his musical talents in the band, and you can pay him too...

If he doesn't want to tour what good is he? well, maybe if he is really set on making the band work then he should be open to having a bassist fill in for him on tour, if he feels like he's missing out then that's his choice to make money or make the band work...really it's up to him, but your band is basically a hobby if you can't tour.

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He's already said he doesn't want to do it, so replacing him will be easy.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
For recording you can always do bass your self.

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For recording you can always do bass your self.
Yeah, just adjust your digital delay for a really late echo.

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Just be honest! Say exactly what you wrote to us- tell him how you feel and see what his feelings are. These things happen- we had to do the same with our first bassist- he was skipping practice, not returning our calls and eventually we just told him how we felt and things ended. It may be awkward but it's a necessary evil to move on.
Tell Him Its Unfair For Him To Have To Do Something He Doesn't Want To Take Seriously And It Is Also Unfair For The Rest Of The Band To Have Someone Who Doesn't Want To Take It Seriously.

Give Him A Chance Though. Give Him Time To Think About His Priorities.