Hey guys
So I went down to a local cash traders store, and I stumbled across a Schecter c-1 Hellraiser. I picked it up and played it (didn't have a chance to plug it in), and I loved it, it played really nice. I checked the price tag, and it was $750! (they retail around $1400 over here). Apart from the prominent scratches on its black surface, it was awesome.

Everything seemed to be in good condition (bar the surface), and one of the tone knobs was loose, I think its coil tap, but it was still loose. Do you reckon I should buy it? It would be an awesome step up from my Omen 6. Also, my amp is a Roland Cube20x, so becasue of the EMG's, would I have to get a new amp?

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well i have one, it's FREAKING AMAZING!!!
so idk about the price b/c i'm an american... therefore ignorant to all other countries... especially how their money converts to mine... so i can't say if it's a deal for the price, but you won't regret the guitar. LOVE IT!
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I'd pay $450 due to the scratches. EMGs will work fine with that amp.

Bring a tech in with you to make sure you're not missing anyhing on it before you take possession.
well, you do have an extra $700 dollers to play with if you get it from the pawn shop... and i would have to say that fixing up a guitar is the quickest way to get to know it.
you can always tighten the knob. on my hellraiser there is an allen screw on the side of the knob, unscrew that and u can just pull the knob off. then take pliers or something and tighten the bolt.
that sucks in the us its like 650 new
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^Ha yeah I know what you mean.

And the tech idea is good. It was freakin amazing, I was planning on buying an Ibanez rg350 or something (which go for like $800-$900) but this thing blows it out of the water. So the money I save can go towards a new amp I guess. Anymore input is extremely appreciated
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The money you save should DEFINITELY go to a new amp. I wouldn't be able to survive with EMGs through a modelling amp for long. But go for the guitar!

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The thing is, if I DO buy it and in a week it ****s up on me, I'd be with a broken guitar and less money.
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that sucks in the us its like 650 new

750 AUD = 677 USD

So not that different
Its basically half the retail price, but I could bargain too, but if it breaks, I'm pretty much ****ed.
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750 AUD = 677 USD

So not that different

it is tho cause the hell-raiser is obviously used lol. (just pointing out, not trying to be a jerk, so peace)
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i dont really see how it would get messed up easily after you buy it. any wiring problems ive ever had were fixed with my trusty soldering iron. see if you can plug in and make sure everything is working correctly. no dead notes, coil taps working, and i think those are active pickups, so just make sure the battery has juice (they last for like 1000 hours or something as long as u unplug after playing)
Get it, fix it up, and then get a nice amp to go along with it. You will be very happy.
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Guitars are hardly something that breaks easily, and even if they do, they can be fixed easily...So I say go for it!
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I'm thinking of going down with someone who knows his stuff when it comes to guitars, so hopefully he'll check it out and give me the thumbs up. So I'll see what he says. More input=much appreciated
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i don`t see why anyone would take a tech with them to buy a guitar, any issues with it can be fixed by a tech/yourself after purchase. if you want it, get it, then set it up yourself, the only thing i would say is play it through a amp before buying.
Why so much fuss about if it will break or not. The electronics are easy to fix. As long as the neck isn't about to snap or the bridge doesn't have a crash through it then it is fine.
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If you like it get it.
If it breaks I believe most pawn shops have rules were you can return it within a period of time and get store credit I believe.
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If you can do your own setups and know how to read a warped neck, know whether fret ware is excessive, know whether parts are missing, and know how to find hidden cracks, then you don't need to bring a tech with you.

If the money to repair whatever might be wrong isn't an object, then don't worry about it.

Loose knobs, jacks, and even bad potentiometers or switches are easy to fix. A warped neck or dead frets isn't necessarily so easy or cheap to fix. A refret job can cost more than a new neck.

I've seen a lot of squirly $h!t in pawn shops, and some of it was more subtle than others. Most pawn shops sell there stuff "as is" so they won't be sympathetic when you bring it back claiming that the intonation lock screws are stripped (and you need a whole new licenced floyd rose bridge and more routing because that kind isn't available anymore).
Honestly i don't think that price is that great at all.

C-1 Classics go for about the 1000 mark (new), even at places like BH.

If the price was 650, i'd get it.

But that's just me
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This has been bugging me for a long time... but why does everyone say active pickups are actually a detriment when using a modelling amp?