alright i've had a long running project for my music and technology class for my music minor, and this is the fruit of its labor. What we did is we went around campus for an hour recording sounds around campus. That hour long track was our supply for the project and our tool was using Logic Pro, to make synthesize some of the sounds into a minute long composition.

The sounds i used were phone vibrating, coke can being dispensed from vending machine, Coke cans opening,Flipflops walking,alarm beep,rocks falling, leaves rustling, water fountain, hollow tube banging, and a handicap door opener motor. A total of 22 tracks were used for this comp

The Fx i used where EQ's, delay, panning, automation, reverb, pitch shifter, noise gate( to make a beat with loud sounds) and compressor.

I would advise to use headphones or turn up the volume to get the full effect of it.

The concept: Its using natural sounds around us and turning into music. its part of the concept of turning noise into music. With the aide of logic pro its easier than the older days. The class is about music and technologies relationship since the 50's and now. This comp is entered into the 60 by 60 competition and the LA-TEX electronic music competition. Hopefully its good enough for that. If anyone has any critiques on it i would love to hear it

c4c of course

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