Well guys, I recently got out a guitar from my basement and have set to work on cleaning it/restringing it and palying it (as opposed to my others). Unfortunately, I have no idea what the model/year is. If it would be possible, I would love to have it identified/an estimate on its worth/price. Here's a few pics:

Third from the left. Between the Sigma Acoustic and the triangle-thing.

One on the left.

Says: Steel Reinforced Neck, Made in Japan, 2162760

Amp it came with

Hope that helps in the effort, thanks ahead of time.
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The guitar I think is a Raven RM-680 but I have no stock pictures of them to work off with only reviews.


Thanks for the suggestion although it worries me. Many of the people who review it state that it is Korean, when mine is clearly "Made in Japan", which might suggest it is a different model.
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What I suspect you have there is a Univox Coily.


Aparently, they were imported into Canada under the Raven brand.

The jet black on on that page looks the same to me!

(Except for the pickups)

Technically its just a really really dark red. And that would make sense. How much those go for these days?