I am buying a Digitech RP-1000 from pro guitar store. Unfortunately, I live in australia, and the local distributor is, well, not quite tolerant of such a thought, because if I do that then I actually get my pedal for a reasonable price! (From ProGuitarShop, in america, shipped to my door is about $450. It costs more than $1000 in australia. which is just because they have a monopoly on the import.).

The pedal will come with a Digitech 110v-9vAC adapter, but in australia we run 240v mains power.
Without bothering with an expensive step-down transformer, does anyone know of somewhere in australia (preferably queensland, or at least on line) that I could get a 240v-9v AC 1500mA (minimum is 1300mA, the draw of the Rp-1000), with a 2.5mm barrel plug? Also, a grounding pin on the plug would be appreciated.

I kind of can't be bothered soldering something together though
(If anyone is wondering, I am buying it with a Schecter Hellraiser Solo 6 (pgs), and a Laney LV300 (in australia. amps are more dangerous to play around with like that lol)
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thankyou, but I need an AC adapter, and the one spot is a DC unit. Quite cool though, would be the top of my list if I had the money for a nice set of analogue pedals lol