Hey everybody, just wanted to give you a heads up about my band "Censored." We are from a little town in Iowa called Ottumwa. We play rock, some heavy stuff, some acousic, a lot of stuff in between. We are working with Jonathan McHugh and SongStew Entertainment, as well as Everglades Publishing, writing and recording songs for them to put into movies and Television.

We do all of our own recording and mixing at, "Censored Studios," which is both owned and operated by the members of Censored. We recently launched a new Street Team, www.censorednation.com, which has been going over pretty well.

We have been fortunate enough to share the stage with a diverse set of bands. Such as; The Ataris, Chris Volz(of Flaw), Hydrovibe, Machina(Guitarist of Evanescence), FaceCage and Bobaflex.

We are currently putting finishing touches on our new demo. If anyone would happen to have any questions about the band, or has any constructive criticism about the songs or anyhting please feel free to do so!

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