A friend of mine recently upgraded his guitar with a red-silver-blue lace sensors set. I loved the tones I could get on my valvetronix, and tried it on a small peavey classic as well. I tried a squier with hot rails long ago, and I liked how hot the pick up was with distortion (it was hotter than the red lace IIRC, and that's what I'm looking for), but I have never tried the cool rails/vintage rails combo. My birthday is coming, but my grandma came back early from her trip and already gave me 300 USD as a present.

What do you recommend? Thanks.
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For Strats, I always recommend Lindy Fralin Blues Specials. Definitely my favorite single coils. However, if you want a real modern sound you may not want to go this route. I don't have much experience personally with Seymour Duncan single coils (although I have played guitars with a few of them, I've never owned one). I prefer Dimarzios, as far as that goes.
fender texas specials are great for a bluesy SRV tone, however it sounds like you need something a with a bit more distortion.
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Klein Pickups. I have found they're superb, and they have a lot of replicas of pickups people pay a lot for. For instance, they have pickups that sound like the John Mayer pickups from his signature strat (If you're going for that tone), Eric Johnson style, etc etc. Also look up CorduroyEW(Rock monkey guitars). He knows a lot about pickups and can hook you up with what you want to sound like with your strat for a good price. Also, 10% off for UGers.
To tell you what is going to be right for you we need more info about the tone you are after. What kind of music do you play? It seems like you are looking at hotter low noise pickups. Is that simply because they are the aftermarket pickups you have used in the past or is it because they have the type of sound you are after?
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Yes, I'm looking for hot low noise pups, I want a pickup in the bridge that sounds punchy with some distortion on while palm muting, but I still want it to be bright when playing clean.
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The super low noise singles are not my area of expertise but I have had some experience with the lace alumitone pickups. They have a thick distorted tone and they sound good clean. Most strat size noiseless pickups have a thin tone or they don't sound open when playing clean. Getting the best of both worlds is tough but I think the lace alumitone pickups do a pretty good job of it. Kinmann has a few sets that sound more like a traditional strat which you might want to consider as well if they are in your budget.
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