Another hopeless situation
A stutter in my state of mind
Go on without a destination
Or leave this one horse town behind

The so-called haven of my life
A city dressed in gray
I feel the city slowly getting smaller every day

I never said I'd stay with you
The cold, dark streets and avenues

The prodigial and perfect son
Of this, the Generation None
Screaming through the static on the screen

"I'm sure I've heard it all before
I just can't take it anymore
I'm telling you, this ain't the life for me"

So I, I run away
Never looking back to yesterday
Following my dreams, not those who wallow in reality
I'll never let the city live for me

I'll never let the city live for me

Again, written in one session when I was watching something on TV about fashion design and such, and I saw one girl who said she wouldn't wear anything unless it was designer, and I thought "Why the f*ck not?". So this is kinda my retaliation to the supposed idea of "If you're not with the trend, you're nobody", and just a general pissed-off-ness with society.
Nice. Loving the sentiment behind the lyrics. They're well written, but it might be good to see if you can insert references to what you're angry at into them. Right now, they come across as a bit angsty. They're still pretty good as is, though.
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Like it alot. With the exceptions of a few cliches here and there ("I feel the city slowly getting smaller every day" for example) it's really creative and the use of language is great.

It flows really nicely too and it has alot going for it, just a couple of the glaring cliche lines affect the mood and tone of the piece a bit. In particular, "Or leave this one horse town behind" seemed a bit out of place with the rest.

Favourite part is probably
"The so-called haven of my life
A city dressed in gray"

That second line is a great metaphor, thumbs up from me.