Hey im living in japan now (stationed here for three years) and since im already over here i am thinking about buying a new made in japan dreadnought. I have been to a bunch of different stores in japan in and around tokyo (ochanomizu and shibuya) there are a lot of really great guitars there but my main focus is to buy a good quality MADE IN JAPAN guitar and im thinking about buying a K. Yairi which sounds decent and is not too expensive (averaging about $900-$1500 usd) and i think is a brother company to Alvarez (Yairi?). If anyone has any input as to wether K. Yairi or Alvarez is better, i would like to hear some feed back thanks!!
Oi! i think you are correct about that too. i have been researching that and im thinking that alvarez yairi is the brand that is more marketed in the european and north american markets. im almost sure that im going to buy the K. Yairi as soon as i save up enought thank you for the reply =D.