I didn't like 1-16 at all. However, 17-24 was very good. 25-28 had a very nice classical vibe which i enjoyed. 29-34 was a cool change. 36-51 i did not like at all. 53 to the end was nice though.

I don't think the clean things really fit into the song.

Not bad though,


Critiquing as I listen:

I really like the clean intro. The keys are excellent, and a good use of time signature changes.

When the distortion kicked in, I really liked the 4/4 1/4 changes, but I think you could've had something else before the sweeps started. The sweeps are fine, but to be honest, not that interesting. After them, that 3/4 section wasn't anything special, I think that could be re-done.

The return to the clean was nice, but a bit too soon. I would've liked to see you expand upon the distorted section. It had potential, but left far too quickly. The 3/4 clean section was really cool, the drums were excellent there.

And then some more sweeping. It seemed to fit more here than last time, I'm not sure why.
The ending was fine.

Overall, it's not bad, but the ideas could truly be expanded upon. As of now, I'd give it a 6.5/10, but it totally has potential to be much better.

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