so im about to go buy all the parts for my a/b pedal switcher thingy mabob.

waht i need is: box, 3 1/4" mono input jacks, and a dpdt switch right?

just checking.

nows the question.

for the dpdt switch since i dont wanna pay 10 bucks to buy one that most real pedals use (3dpt), im just getting a regular dpdt. im thinkin a rocker swtich style will by easiest to use with my feet, instead of like a toggle.

but all the ones i find at like radioshack are on/off. is that what i need? or do i need an on/on? its gonna be a simple box, one input, two outputs
You need a 3dpt, it's not like 10 bucks is alot
Don't get an on/off
Quote by Sguit
You need a 3dpt, it's not like 10 bucks is alot
Don't get an on/off

where can i get a 3dpt not online? lke would any stores carry them?
Well I don't live where you live, so I cant really help you on that, but you should be able to find a specialized electronic store in your city
just find what you need.

check specialist electronics stores around you.

it took me MONTHS to find the right parts for my home built practise space speaker cabinet.

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sorry for bumping again, but before i start building, i need to know if i need to take this part back..


its on/off/on

will it work?

How exactly are you planning to do that switch with your feet, you will probably break it by flicking it too hard mid playing, you want a proper 3PDT switch. With building pedals don't do things by halves, get what you need and build it properly.
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