My mesa has one of these plugs:

Yet my power conditioner demands a different type:

So I was thinking to replace the plug with appropriate one. Is this possible? Or is there an adapter I am unaware of?

WTLTL 2011
Quote by Ducky-Kun
You'll be wanting a cable like this

The power cable on the mesa is fixed. I can't just swap the cable
WTLTL 2011
Ahh, in that case I spose see if you can get one of those kinds of connectors to fit to the cable, or otherwise buy a cable like the one above and swap it with the one that's currently in your mesa 50/50 ;o
Many electronic devises come with the type of cord you need. Computer monitors come to my mind in this instance but it could just as easily be power supplies for some printers or laptops. I'd go to a computer shop and see if they have what you are looking for. It should be pretty cheap.
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thats weird that the socket on a 220V voltage conditioner would be pretty much a N. American 120V style, but there must be an available adapter somewhere
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