Hey UG I'm an Audio Engineer ,got the degree to prove it, and I am reaching out to the UG world to help me get out of a slump I am in. I work at a small professional studio in Baton Rouge, LA and all I get to mix and record is rappers and people who think they can rap. Some of the sessions are fun but most are just a job. I am asking anyone out there if they are willing to let me mix any of their material, full bands, singer songwriters anyone. Payment is not always necessary. Everything is negotiable. Please reply back if you are interested.
Advertising what my services. This has got nothing to do with the studio i work at. I cant mix there without paying for time. This is a service to help out others and myself as well. Most will be done at my home on my time. Like I said payment is not always necessary.

Who died and made you the UG Nazi
I will PM you this evening, I wouldn't mind chatting with you and possibly getting some help from you. I am at a point where I feel like I have the ability to make good quality recordings with my hardware, just can't get it mixed properly myself.
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and by the sound of your MP3s you could use my services

Wow, attitude like that is not gonna help. I was thinking about inquiring but nah.
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hey hanzi that attitude was a response to someone who thinks im advertising for a studio i work at or that im lookin to get rich from UG'ers hit me up if you are interested.