hey i just got a second hand COMPAQ PRESARIO F700 from my step sister. When she had it it worked fine, but now that i got it the cd d with vista drive doesnt work. Its a dvd/cd burner and it will not open when i press its button, howeever the little light on it is on. If i manually open it and put a disc in it still doesnt work. If i go to windows media player to burn a disc it says YOU NEED A CD DRIVE TO BURN OR RIP A DISC or somehtign along those lines. ANyone know whats wrong with it? I am a computer newb. Thanks fellow pithaleons.
You can open it from within windows. Go to my computer, right click on the drive and click eject.
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Your computer doesn't seem to detect it. Probably a driver problem, bad connections inside, or it's just plain defect.
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I agree, it sounds like a driver issue is the most likely problem. Search the brand and model and you can probably download them from the internet.
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