I want to rewire the whole electronics of my Ibanez SZ ( including new pickups)
The guitar has 3 holes for switches or pots and 1 big cavity for the 3 way toggle switch

Have you guys some ideas of interesting and useful wiring??
I have lots of On/On 6-pin toggles lying around...

Be creative
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I dunno if this thread is gonna stay open. It's not really the way this forum operates.

Most of the guys who actually know about wiring won't be interested in creating wiring diagrams for some random set of loose specifications. You'd have much better success if you were specific about what you wanted to accomplish and used the Guitar Wiring Thread.

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One volume for each pickup or one vol and one tone, and a mini toggle switch for single coil operation, then the 3 way pickup selector. I think that would give you much more versatility.
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