I've been doing a bit of research on affordable but good laptops for recording music and I was hoping I could get a little input on what the general consensus is on what out there is good right now.

A lot of my recording is for guitar and piano and I have processors, I just need a solid laptop that will record all of the music efficiently and give me enough speed to not have any latency issues.

I am leaning more towards PCs as I do not like Macs so much and I'm sure there are some good PC laptops out there.

Thanks for any input.
Just about any laptop with a fairly large screen, more than two USB 2.0 ports, an audio out port for outboard speakers or headphones, wireless G and an 1000mbit ethernet port for networking. Make sure the processor is at least 2Ghz. Get as large a hard drive in it as you can afford.

Another school of thought is select the application you want to run then buy the best computer that runs it.

Oh and as for brand get a Dell or an HP.
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