Recently i have been saving up some cash for some new guitar stuff. Considering that i have been playing for about 7 going on 8 months, I think that im pretty good.
My influences are Killswitch Engage. Anyways, i have wanted to upgrade some of my equipment because i think that im good enough for a good upgrade. at the moment i have about 100 dollars but im not going to buy anything THIS MINUTE, I want some thoughts on what i should get and then i'll work for that item(s). I'll post the guitar/amp/ and other stuff that i usually use while playing my guitar.

*I have an Ibanez GIO Starter Guitar ( i personally think it's pretty good)

*I have an Ibanez 11watt Starter Amp ( it's alright, would prefer something else)

*I also have a Digitech RP 55 Guitar modulation ( i only use it to tune my guitar though lol, so basically its a tuner)

If you want to be replace my guitar, I really would like another Ibanez or a Schecter, but i really can decide which ones. (No jumbo Frets please! i like medium )

As for my amp and Rp 55 modulation, i really have no clue. Thank you for reading my post UG.

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If you like your guitar, upgrade your amp. I don't know what your final budget will be, but I'd suggest at least $200 for a good bedroom/band practice amp, and more for a decent gigging one.

The Ibanez GIO isn't a good guitar, but if you like ityou might as well keep it for a while longer.
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