Just wanted opinions on this song I wrote for a new project I'm doing. It's kind of post-metal inspired, though it's probably not quite in that genre - to be honest, I'm not sure what genre it would be.

But yeah, opinions would be greatly appreciated!

(And as unimaginative as it sounds, if someone could pidgeon-hole it into a particular genre, that would make explaining it to friends a lot easier!)
I think it's advantgarde metal, or somthing like that, good song, sounds a little dissonant on firsts parts, sometimes it seems to be monotonous and too much quiet, add more distorted leads, and try to make more variation to the riffs, for me it's 7/10, good but you got to improve it a bit more

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Critiquing as I listen:

The opening piano melody was nice, but I don't think the bass under it was necessary. Sometimes it's good to just stick to the one instrument.

When the guitars came in, that sounded nice for the most part. I wasn't a fan of measures 13 or 14, the leads sounded a bit too dissonant for me.

Section 3 didn't really add anything to the song. The melody was nice, but by now, it's just starting to drag on.

The 6/4 section was nice, but the transition into it was nonexistant. I liked Section 5, the tremolo picking sounded surprisingly good. Section 6 was the long-awaited pummeling of sound. The lead melody over it was very nice, I liked it a lot.

The clean part after was decent, I'm not sure, but it seemed like you were using the trem-picking to emulate a delay pedal? Well, whatever it was, I liked it.

The melody after was decent, as was Section 8. A good place for vocals.

Section 9 was no different than before, and transitioned much better.

I liked Section 10, seemed to be a good buildup, but then bar 121 hit. I think you can cut out everything from bar 121- Section 11, they don't add anything, and just slow the buildup. Section 11 was excellent, really seemed to be the culmination of the song. I do believe the repeat was unnecessary, it did go on a bit too long. Section 12 closed out the song well.

Overall, the only thing I'd say you had problems with was repetition. Work on those, and you'd have an excellent song. 8/10.


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