Hey guys. I have an Epi G400 Custom, the three pickup model. I love the way it sounds and feels, but I cant use it live because the tuners are very unreliable. They are the stock Epi tuners I believe. Anyways, Im looking to upgrade them to locking tuners and use this as my standard tuning guitar. Any advise which brand or models I should look at, or even which ones would fit? Oh, and it's not really a big factor, but I need it to be gold to match the rest of the hardware. I know nothing about changing tuners so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Planet Waves has a good set of tuners.
Spertzels, too... awesome tuners.
I would also suggest Grover locking tuners. (Or were they Gotohs? I don't even know...)
I'm sure both companies have locking tuners of one kind or another.

The first two are my favorites, the last two would be more likely to go directly on to your guitar without any problems whatsoever.

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Khaler, Grover tuners. They're the best.
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could someone put up a link to a certain model to help me out? And thanks for the answers guys.
sorry, but I just need a set of locking tuners that would fit, preferably without modification. Any suggestions for a specific set of tuners?