hi and welcome to my thread i recently my birthday and with all my money and my £30 that i had already i now have £300 (was £350) and i needed to know i should buy a new guitar i already own a sg copy made by vintage this models the vs6 i brought it on ebay 2nd hand and i was wondering if i should buy another guitar this really cheap shop was selling dano 63s for £95 rrp£229 should i get one? is this guitar good for nirvana rchp jimi hendrix and others like i would keep the vs6 for mettallica,iron maiden and acdc. or should i give my vs6 a good set up

thxs ,the dot man
what kind of amp do you have? you're probably better off saving up more money to get either a better amp, better guitar, or both. no point in having two low end guitars when a little patience can get you a nicer guitar or amp.
just save up for a nice rig to play rather than having a whole bunch of low end gear
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Do you mean mg?

I do believe it is indeed an MG, anyway from what I hear the Vintage guitars are great so maybe you could go to a new amp. And don't pay anyone for a set up learn to do it yourself, best thing you could know.