Hey, I'm kind of a beginner-intermediate player, looking to get my first guitar (I've been borrowing a friend's for about six months). My previous band is currently on possibly permanent hiatus, and I've just started a new band - a post-rock/post metal project - and I have literally no idea what kind of guitars to look at for this kind of music. The previous band was a fairly generic metal band, so I was looking at ESPs, Ibanezes, Deans and the like, and now I have no clue what to look at.

I'm looking for a guitar that has good clean tone, good distortion and if possible, holds low tuning (B Standard/Drop A would be ideal, but something that can comfortably sit at Drop C would be alright).

My price range could in theory go up to £400 (About $640)but that would take a while of saving, whereas one about £300 ($480ish) one would be something I could get comparatively soon.

1. Any suggestions?
2. Any chance I'd be able to keep looking at the same guitars as when I was looking for something metal-y, or should I change my priorities?
As far as your sound goes your gonna want to invest money in effects pedals and a good amp more than you would a guitar...For your style I suggest a guitar with low action and EMG's coz that's what I have :p

When I went to the states last year I got a Schecter Hellraiser FR for £425 which was $850 at the time... I would go for anything metal...with EMG's thinish neck (ibanez suck tho)

In terms of an amp I have a Marshall AVT100 (generaly standard amp) BUT I have effects and not those ****e effects on the amp I mean 3rd party effects....so you get your nice marshall tone plus some nice effects for whatever...I just use distortion with a delay on it.

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR
Marshall AVT100
Boss ME-70

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almost any guitar would work for post rock, I wouldn't recommed EMGs or most active pickups, though.

I don't know if you have ever heard of Isis, but just as an example, Aaron uses a '72 Deluxe Telecaster (2 humbuckers) and Michael uses a Gibson Les Paul.

Really the guitar is the last thing that you should worry about in terms of getting a post-rock tone. A good amp and a good pedal board are much more important.

So really, whatever guitar is comfortable for you to play is good. However, as I said before, EMGs (and Locking tremolos) I would probably stay away from.
Yeah, I'm looking at Telecasters and Les Pauls pretty much because Isis use them, as do Mogwai. The problem is that I'm worried that if I go back to playing more metal, a Telecaster or Les Paul won't be as good as if I get a more "metal" guitar and just play that clean.
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like post-rock, but t3h br00talz

I honestly don't know what post rock is either

I need to catch up on stupid genre names and sub-genres
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I honestly don't know what post rock is either

I need to catch up on stupid genre names and sub-genres

neither do i. i have absolutely no idea what post rock is, nor do i wish to know. i generally find music under these pretentious sub-labels to be intensely crap and... pretentious