I was just wodnering if anyone could provide some feedback on a song uploaded on my bands myspace?
Its called Wrong Way and was recorded earlier in the year but we had it mixed again to get a better quality.

All critique is appreciated,

The intro kind of reminded me of The Descendents. The instrumentals were pretty tight. The vocalist is decent and definitely has punk energy, but I'd still like to hear a bit more energy in the chorus. I was going to suggest backing vocals but I realized you already had that covered. Maybe add another backing vocal part or even a lead guitar line - just something to differentiate the chorus from the verses and give it a little more power.

Overall though this is a nice catchy punk song, definitely reminded me of The Descendents in a few ways. The recording quality was decent too so good job on that. Nice work and I'd like to hear more from you guys.

And thanks for the crit on mine.
I agree with shortyafter that the vocals need more energy, they seem bored at times. But other than that, they are pretty original and good.

Drums were cool, especially at the bridge. Awesome snare, there. And there at the bridge I see some good energy put forth by the vocalist, good stuff.

I liked the song, keep it up.

Listen to mine if you want - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1213303
GOod Song, Just try geting drums more powerfull, like beating them harder , maybe it would turn better, Try that.