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its simple but if you plan to play it like frusciante, it takes some practice if you've never used the "hendrix" technique
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You wesley kids need to be more specific.

Grade as in
-love for the song?
-technical difficulty?

also what is your purpose. A-(E)F grading is subjective.

Quote by ibanezgod1973
nah, grade 2 at the most


The hardest bits are the barre chords. The actual signature riff is easy as long as you can alternate pick.
From 1(super easy) to 10(super hard)... depending on how 'thorough' you'll be when playing, and whether you're playing acoustic or electric... it'll land anywhere from 3 to 6!


Just watch that... and try your best to ignore anthony's horrible singing... to play it at the level that froosh is, on that acoustic, without cramping up or making any mistakes could easily be a solid 6! Also, even though froosh makes it look easy with his little smirk... don't underestimate it!

Some parts are none-stop hammers/pulls/slides.... other than that... just the chords are super basic... but getting all the little 'embelishments' without tripping up is a satisfying feat for a beginner/intermediate guitarist!
I'd say a 5, because there are a bit of fast switches between chord/melody in the second verse in the song. And also the little part in the beginning can be quite confusing.