So I am considering buying a new guitar. I am getting rid of my Washburn X40 Pro in order to pay for it, which will give me around 1000 USD, but this can be supplemented by about 250.

I have been playing my friend's Epiphone SG recently, and I really like the sound of it and the feel of it. The problem is, I hate the look of the SG.

I play many kinds of music, but mostly this will be used for psychadelic, jam, electronic and funk style music. Think Trey Anastasio meets John Frusciante.

Floyd Roses are no-nos.

Can anyone help me here? I have no idea what to look for.
one of these Godins
I also almost got an SG a few years ago but ended up with the Godin SD22 and love it. I've never played any of the other Godins but they seem great too
id say get you a nice american fender strat with humbuckers... even if its too expensive your local music store will bargain with you a little... like i always talk the guitar center down every time i buy something expensive... why pay the full price when you dont have to