Is it possible to take an hss strat, take out all of the pickups, and replace them with all single coils? I dont want to be doing anything to the body though. Is it possible to make this mod without damaging anything?
yeah the bridge rout can easily accomidate a single coil pickup but why would you do such a thing?
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Becuase I want to get a sienna sunburst mexican strat, but they only come in hss. I want sss.
Yeah, you just need a SSS pick guard. A lot of Strats have the same routing regardless of whether they're SSS or HSS, the only difference is the pick guard. Being a MIM, that Strat most likely has the swimming pool routing already so you'll be able to put whatever you want in it with a new pick guard.
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Ok thanks everyone, but do you think they will come out with the sss version of the sienna sunburst? I dont see why they would release it for hss but not sss
All you need is a SSS pickguard and you are set. The new MIM's are routed for HSS. I have a brand new loaded MIM pickguard that was on my 09 MIM for about a week. If you want it I will sell it for $40 shipped. All you have to do is solder it to the jack and solder a ground wire to the trem claw.

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