i got this phase 90 off eBay recently, and when I got it in the mail it was adequately protected, but when i plugged in to play, as soon as i turned it on the signal died completely. the bypass was fine, i could hear nothing when i didnt play and anything i did play. as soon as i clicked it my signal went dead.

another thing, the power supply doesnt fit any of my adapters, and i use a stock carbon copy, so i figured it wouldnt be a problem. The plug is too small for my adapter, and i cant get any sound out of it when it is on.

some glass fell out of the pedal casing when i opened it up to inspect, but i have no idea what that could mean.

anybody have any suggestions?

the guy on ebay has really good ratings from about 1500 people...
The glass thing sounds wierd, never heard of a pedal having glass inside :P Well - in most pedals atleast.

So it doesnt even run via battery power? Are you sure it's fit for your area of power usage? Like in the UK most pedals run on 9V or12V, could be different elsewhere?
it might be hard, sharp plastic, I got the pedal from Atlanta, and I'm in NY, so it should work fine in those terms. it does run on battery power, but when its on, it kills my signal. could the battery be near dead, and thereby ruining my signal? Ive never had any type of problem with power supply before, because I use adapters.