Ok, so I have a bunch of used picks that I didn't throw away because I felt like they could possibly be used for something. I got the idea of possibly using them to make custom knobs for my strat. I use Fender standard 351 picks, and I think that the same color/look of them would look cool as a knob. So does anyone know how I could go about getting these made, whether it be by myself or sending off the picks to a platstic company to make them for me specially? Thanks in advance
I'm thinking you'd have to make a mold and then melt them into it. If you have the resources you should try it. If you don't then your idea of finding a plastics company seems like it could work. Good luck either way, it's a cool idea. If you do do it, then I suggest you use the flat side of a pick for the top of the knob so that the side with Fender on it is facing up. That would look super cool.
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don't lite the picks on fire thinking they will melt! BAD! BAD! BAD! IDEA! it was really bad and smelled like menthol.it went up like a dry christmas tree! then i stopped being such a pyro! lol
Not sure if the logo would work because they would most likely need a large number of picks to be able to fill the mold, but that is a cool idea, I'll keep it in mind.