Hello folks,

On my local CL, I found this:


Being a large fan of Buckethead and Tom Morello, it caught my eye. Now, the seller says he has no power supply. What kind of power supply will this need?

Also, he says the lowest price he would go is 120$. Is this a good deal?

Thank you in advance for any information you might share.
120$ is a great price.
To buy:

Line 6 MM4
Voodoo Lab power
Mesa Boogie Single rectifier
Boss TU-3 Done
Shure SM58 Done

It's a 9V power supply but it's 1.3A which I believe is a fair bit more than most pedals need. Dunno exactly how that affects the power supply you need

Edit: That'll probably be different in the states, But I'm pretty sure It needs more power than most pedals
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I see them on craigslist down here in chicago for $70 and $80 all the time.

It's your decision.
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It says on their website that you shouldn't use anything other than either a PS750 or PS0913B Power Supply.

that what she said
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