Another thing I've been wondering about for months... but, I just found out how to post threads today. Lol

So, just as the question asks, do you think it will be OK for an electric guitar to go through an acoustic preamp?
I ask because there's the BBE Acoustimax, which has: input gain control, 3-band EQ plus mid frequency control and notch filter (says it's used for acoustic feedback suppression, but might work with electric as well. Input on this if you have some, please), the Sonic Maximizer, effects loop, phase reversal, and ground lift...

...for $200.
So yeah, I want one. Bad. The only thing it's missing is tubes, which would completely skyrocket the price, which is what brought me to it in the first place. So, it's almost perfect in my optimistic state of mind. Lol

So, do you think it'd be fine for an electric guitar? Or, any other suggestions or comments are welcome.
Of course you CAN do this but I can't say what it would sound like. What are you using this for? Are you trying to get an acoustic sound from your electric?