Hey guys, I just bought an old Ibanez RG350EX from a friend for 200 bucks with a hardshell case and it's in amazing condition! (both case and guitar)

Only problem is... the pickups aren't the greatest and I want to know your opinions for what I should get.

The guitar is an HSH configuration. I play EVERYTHING from blues right down to straight up metal. I need pickups that have a good clean tone but can also handle balls out distortion.

Any advice is appreciated!

EDIT: All pickups MUST be passive. I'm not about to shell out extra money to have a battery installed
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
IronGear Hot Slags and maybe a Steel Foundry in the middle for those cleans
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Get jem pickups like the evos or breed carve a monkey handle get a new whammy and you sir have somthing very similar to a jem....
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