Hey there,
A month ago my E string (the thinnest one) started breaking near the tuning peg when i'm tuning/playing. Since then i've bough 3 different strings with diferent gauges and they keep breaking.

Can anybody help me with this?

My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 with custom lock system.

Thanks in advance,
Yeah, this happened to me too on my Stratocaster...
I just kept buying strings, and one day, it didn't break

Maybe that's what you should do
The strings are being cut by a rough edge in the nut of the tuning head.
breaking hearts
breaking guitars
yeahh, theres gotta be a rough edge near that area, on the nut or string tree. i'd also have suggested the bridge, if the breakages were near there, but have a good look around that area that come into contact withe the string
like said^ check for rough edges around where it is breaking
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Is your guitar setup properly?

One of my guitars wasn't set up, and the E String kept breaking by the tuning peg and there were no rough edges.

A guitar tech told me it was because the truss rod was really tight. I don't know why it was that, but the problem is gone now.
I guess contacting a technician and showing him the guitar would be the best option right?!

Thanks everybody
get it properly set up, and purchase this...


probably one of the better things I've invested in relation to the guitar. Seriously, it works wonders.
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Hello once again The guitar is now with a music teacher of a friend and he says the cause of the problem is the bridge.

He says i just need to change the direction of those things holded by the screws

(mines like
Thick Stings -> All facing the neck
Thin Strings -> All not facing the neck, reverse. )

And then give him back the guitar so he can calibrate the guitar strings (he can't do the whole setup due to lack of time).

Do you think that this solution will fix the problem? :S

Thanks again
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"calibrate the guitar strings"

yeah man, it needs a setup plain and simple. this includes things like checking contact points.

if he's doing it free (and if he really knows what he's doing) it'll do you a world of good, and as such he can call it whatever he damn well pleases, but not calling it a "setup" sets off my spider sense, and he might just be bullshitting you.

also, learning to do things like a setup might not fall into general guitar maintenance for every joe shmoe with a six string decorating his dorm room, but if guitar is your thing and you're really into it, might be worth picking up a "how to" manual that covers more than just the very basics... save yourself some time and money down the road, and who knows, maybe one day it'll pay for your beer runs.
Hmm.. What he told me is that he could only "calibrate" the strings after i made that change on the bridge and put the strings on it, and he also said that he couldn't do the rest of the setup because he doesn't have enough time.

What would he do exactly by "calibrating" the strings?