I got a strap for my acoustic a few months ago, and in the last few weeks its become lose and started falling off a fair bit.

On my electric I just use those little £2 plastic washers you get from guitar stores, but I cant fit one of them onto the acoustic strap button as on the acoustic the button doubles up as the input jack. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to secure the strap?
You can use metal straplocks, and replace the strap buttons on your acoustic.


Won't work if the bottom pin is also a jack, though.
Get a strap with more durable ends.
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This strap cost £15, and when they sold it to me I asked them if theres any reason why it wouldn't work on the acoustic which I hapened to be buying at the time. If theres no way to make it more secure without buying a new one I shall be rather irritated.