If you go to a random store and buy an iPhone 3Gs without having any activation with AT&T or anything, will the whole thing be blocked? Or only the phone mode?

Thank you!
It won't work without the sim card.

Get an iTouch if you're only interested in the apps.
Why do people call it an iTouch? It's an iPod Touch. It's never been branded as an iTouch.
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Why do people call it an iTouch? It's an iPod Touch. It's never been branded as an iTouch.

Because it's a lot easier.
Isn't there a massive thread about Iphones and Ipods etc?

The decent iPod/iPhone help thread.
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If you buy from a store without activation, it'll be unlocked except for making phone calls, internet, text messaging, email, IM, etc etc. anything that has to do with a wireless service will be disconnected, everything else works fine.

Just compare your question to say, a regular Razr phone.
If it isn't activated, only the calling, texting, and interwebz are off.
You can still go through and play its demo games and that nonsense.

Have a nice day

EDIT: I agree with said user above, if you just want the apps, get the iTouch.
(btw iTouch is like an unofficial, but widely accepted term for the iPod Touch, its easier and works because it's in its own class).
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If you buy a locked iPhone there are ways to unlock it. It will work fine. It will lock itself again though if you update the OS on it. Then you can just unlock it again... it is a bit of a bother though.

I bought an unlocked iPhone without any contract and I use my old sim in it. It works perfectly fine (with any sim)... the only thing u can't use is visual voicemail (which i wouldn't have used anyways. normal voicemail is obviously still available).
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